Therapeutic areas

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Cardiology focuses on inherited and acquired diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The Cardiologists atWellBe Pharmaceuticals are interested in searching for solutions to and preventing cardiovascular diseases, as well as efficiently treating the entire circulatory system.


Dermatology is a field of medicine focusing on researching and describing the structure and functions of the skin but also diseases of the skin and its appendages, as well as some general diseases manifesting primarily on the skin. WellBe Pharmaceuticals focuses on searching for solutions in terms of treating both the causes and effects of atopic diseases.


Diabetes is one of the most frequently appearing, non-contagious diseases in the world. Diabetology deals with treating diabetes and its unpleasant, often life-threatening,complications. WellBe Pharmaceuticals searches for answers on how to treat difficult issues such as for example, diabetic foot.


This branch of medicine deals with cancer diseases and theirdiagnosis and treatment. It is one of the fields to which WellBe Pharmaceuticals scientists devote much attention. They search for efficient solutions concerning the treatment of cancer cells without the need to use therapies invasive for the body.


This field of science, on the boundaries of biology and medicine, deals with biological and biochemical bases of immunological reactions to a pathogen or other substances and bodies alien to the organism, such as toxins or transplants. Immunology is a subject on which the scientists at WellBe Pharmaceuticals spend many hours of their work and, in accordance with the company’s mission, striveto prevent diseases efficiently with the use of nature.


The father of pediatrics – Abraham Jacobi – would be proud of the development this branch of medicine has undergone. Today, much attention is placed on children’s diseases, taking care of them and their development. Issues related to pediatrics are among the most important research aspects for WellBe Pharmaceuticals experts.