Our mission

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A mix of science-research activity constitutes the mission and goal of the company, with modern pro-health products being its outcomeboth now and in the future.Thanks to combining the latest findings of medicine, genetics, and biotechnology the company will introduce high-quality innovative special food products, dietary supplements, and medications. Their efficiency and power are guaranteed by the natural ingredientsacquired during advanced extraction processes, while their prophylactic effects are based on the philosophy that “it’s better to prevent than to treat”.

About the company

WellBe Pharmaceuticals was born from the idea of adopting a holistic view towards health,as well as believing in the power of natural mechanisms and the capabilities of the body to maintain balance and proper wellbeing. We believe that nature offers the purest, most efficient, and safest solutions – all it takes is to skillfully use them, taking full advantage of the latest research results and modern technologies.

Innovation in medicine

Breakthroughs in medicine result from teams of doctors, scientists, and engineers working together for long periods of time and usually begin with an initiative from specialists who cannot accept the limitations of existing therapies being used ona daily basis. According to Linus Pauling – a two times Nobel Prize winner and creator of orthomolecular medicine – there is a biochemical imbalance in a sick body which can be neutralized by supplementing the body with proper elements, called orthomolecules. This scientist discovered the immense possibilities of healing and supporting the process of healing which lie within natural substances.